About this archive

This archive is basically a collection of holiday photographs. It’s not the most complete of its kind on the internet – that title goes to the magnificent Soviet Modernism 1955-1991 – and the quality of my photographs is highly variable.

What is does have, however, is exact locations. This is a product of my having personally located, travelled to and tramped around every building featured. I hope this’ll be of use to anyone who wishes to do similar.

I’ve tried to include completion dates and architects. Many of the buildings featured are well-known and well-publicised. Others, I stumbled across accidentally or visited simply because they looked interesting from above on Google. Information on these is patchy or nonexistent. If anyone can help to fill the gaps, I’ll be hugely grateful.

Disclaimer: I use the words ‘Soviet’ and ‘modernism’ very loosely.

Sam Glover
United Kingdom